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Warming Spices for Your Winter Kitchen

Warming Spices for Your Winter Kitchen

As the winter months close in, we start to spend more time in the kitchen with our hands over a fragrant stove or oven. Warming spices are a perfect way to liven up meals and warm up chilly bones. Bonus: many warming spices also have carminative properties that help ease gas or digestive discomfort, so you can eat more of the rich foods of the season with fewer consequences.

Add a cinnamon stick to your pot of oatmeal in the morning, or simmer in milk with honey to sip before bed. For a familiar culinary cinnamon, reach for the harder Batavian Cassia, or use delicate, earthy-sweet Ceylonese for a subtler flavor. Bloom some bright, lemony Aleppo pepper in warm oil for a fiery, rich sauce to pour over roasted chicken and vegetables and a dollop of yogurt. Toast fennel seeds and mix them into fresh granola, or mix into a spice rub for a subtle anise flavor to the crust of holiday roasts.

Keep your pantry stocked with all the spicy aromatic herbs you can stand to warm your plate and belly throughout the winter.

  • Aaron Murdock
Staff Picks: Winter Flus and Blues

Staff Picks: Winter Flus and Blues

With the long, cold nights come the usual ailments of the season; winter can bring strain and sadness along with colds and fevers. Our staff picked their favorite adaptogenic and immune-boosting herbs to help you stay warm, nourished, and supported throughout the winter:

  • Black Elderberry to help fight off flus and soothe dry coughs.
  • Reishi Mushroom and Astragalus to support immunity, nourish the nervous system, and help balance stress levels.
  • Slippery Elm to soothe itchy, irritated throats and upset stomachs.
  • Ginger Root to help digest heavy holiday foods, and keep the body warm and ready to fight off seasonal colds.

Keep herbs like these on your side to help keep you balanced and healthy, so you can enjoy food and family and fend off seasonal blues and sniffles.

  • Aaron Murdock